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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another irregular Election


Before I move on to a more celestial topic, I briefly wonder, was something borrowed today? Or was it stolen? The comments of Oregon Senator Wyden were perhaps well spoken. But if they are true, then they are not being acted upon.

He calls them "irregularities", just like everyone else. They talk about it like it is a closed system. Not only that, it even operates according to known rules. Rules that govern whatever Constitution-based chicanery was engaged in today. All these worlds are yours. Except Europa. They will never understand.

Wyden goes on to relate the story of a "veteran reporter" in Ohio who "pushed the button for Kerry and watched her vote jump to the Bush column." But no! It is a conspiracy of liberals some said in the House. Specifically mentioned was Michael Moore! At least twice! Think he's ordered an FBI file recently?

The answer, according to Wyden? Federal legislation. Naturally. Of course. You see, the problem all along was that the Federal Government didn't have sufficient control of the situation. Don't worry. They will fix everything. With our money.

Speaking of our money. That reminds me. On to the celestial topic!

Very soon now, we may learn some very interesting things about a place very far away. If you have read John Varley you will no doubt be watching very closely as the Huygens probe descends onto Titan. I have full confidence in the mission. Unfortunately, the ESA does not have NASA's record of successful probing of hard to reach places. The Mars landings are only the most recent example.

Criminy, I sound a bit pessimistic. Must be the irony. I'm sure it's all tip-top. Pretty much outta my hands. Just like the election. Go figure.


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