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Monday, January 03, 2005

Fear Mongering, Right Wing Paranoia, and the Clintons


FX ran its made for TV movie on a fictional small pox epidemic last night.

It’s the same general theme of disaster movies such as this: something happens because of terrorists; there was no way to know or predict it; the government needs more money and must suspend civil liberties to deal with the problem; and foreign troops may be needed here.

Yes, it’s a strange plot, but it always seems to work itself out that way.

The paranoid right uses this pattern as recognition of the fact that the media is secretly run by would-be fascist CIA handlers. The thing is, I guess its just that people in Hollywood have such a narrow minded view of possibilities and solutions, most likely because most of the consulting work that goes on with these movies is most likely done with federal officials, since they'd be the most likely equipped to deal with a situation, which brings us back to, yeah, I guess that's the plan.

There's something interesting playing out with this line of reasoning. Here's the paranoid right's line of thinking: "We've been drug into a mess in the mid-east caused by Israel while all of our troops are being brought out of the country a mass casualty terrorist attack is being planned on American cities. Once that happens,
foreign troops will be called in to keep order and martial law will be declared."

That, since as far as I can tell, has been the paranoid right's biggest fear since at least 1996 (when I first started monitoring short-wave radio). I find it odd though that may all actually happen. One must understand, for many people out there, what is happening in our government was known or suspected a while ago. There's just too much info out there as well suggesting the government knew and let it happened. This has, as you can quite imagine, emboldened a number of people.

I also find it interesting that the far left (, et al) also adopts quite the same stances and reasoning as the far right these days. I suppose at its core the American political spectrum is composed of two poles, each opposing a different manifestation of concentrated power. For the left, there is opposing to private, commercial power. And for the right, there is opposition to governmental power. For those two sides of the spectrum to unite, it must be in an effort to battle power from both fronts. Today it might not be George III and the British East India Company restricting the trade of dry goods. But instead it is George W restricting imports of something potentially more important that tea, let us say, prescription drug imports from Canada.

Same George. Different initials.

Although, for the UN fear-obsessed, you have to look pretty far in order to find their footprint on this tsunami relief effort. As usual, the United States is footing a disproportionately large share of aid. Americans compose 5% of the world's population but has given 60% of the money. If the UN were hell-bent on world domination, now would be a time to practice. But they seem to be curiously absent, most likely a sign of their impending irrelevance.

But Bill Clinton as the new head of the UN? The man who may be one day tasked with that duty? Imagine a world with Hillary Clinton as President and ol' Bill as UN Chief. And there's a large-scale event in a large mid-west city. How weird would that be?

I can't help it -- I'm a huge X-Files fan.


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