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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Harbor Retreats, Then Returns


The most haunting aspect of this tsunami, aside from the obvious loss of life and destruction of property, is the psychological effect of having witnessed it. While watching a video of the tsunami crashing upon a shore, I couldn't help but think of myself on that beach, perhaps with my own child. At first, the shore receding would be quite a curiosity. And after a few moments, things would probably start to seem normal as the sea returns. But at some point, one must realize that this is something entirely unexpected. The video of the water makes me wonder at what point I would begin to have fear for my safety and my hypothetical child. The video is 38 seconds long. If you were on that shore with your child, at what second would you turn to leave? At what second would you run? At what moment would the Fear of God be struck unto you?


Blogger Oblio said...

I have no idea what I would do. I can only think that I would not be able to clearly perceive the danger I was in. It is a disturbingly real example of the raw power that lies within our planet. Interestingly, no one that I have heard or read has remotely discussed how illustrative this is of the ever urgent need of humanity to get our collective act together and get off the planet. I mean, is it really going to take a second sun, al a Europa, moon of Jupiter? Alas, that kind of larger thinking is sadly absent these days. At least, mostly. Soon, we will, hopefully, learn something of the mysteries of Titan, moon of Saturn. More on that soon...

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