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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Money Time


Most of us have seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and are familiar with the scene of Al Gore certifying the 2000 Electoral College vote in his capacity as President of the Senate. Most of us know that in 2000 not a single Senator would stand with the numerous House members who had challenged that vote. And chances are you know something remarkably similar is going to occur on January 6th. The question is, which Senator do you think it will be?
The question is a tough one. I might have to think about it until tomorrow and place my firm bet then. There is quite a pool from what I hear: Boxer, Feingold, Harry Reid, even Leahy. Presumably, Senator-elect Barak Obama is able to challenge the vote as well, as he also appears to be a particular focus of Rep. Conyers out of Michigan. I just don't know who would take the risk. Of which there are surely many.
I'll let you know. For now though, I'm putting my money on Reid. He just might do it.
Well, you got any clams, Sam? Who's it gonna be?
It has to happen afterall. It will be the greatest lawsuit of them all. I hear there are even plans for a reality television show.


Blogger Oblio said...

I'm laying my euros on Reid. Good a horse as any. Can't expect many Senators to stand up and oppose the certification of a vote that can't be verified. At least not in Amerika.

9:04 PM  

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