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Monday, January 24, 2005

Official Denial


If you read Sy Hersh's article in the New Yorker last week you will already be aware of the intrigue surrounding the administration's denial of the existence of a top secret covert operations group supposedly operating out of the Pentagon. All is as it should be.

The truly disturbing thing is that the operation, which doesn't exist remember, will be operating with no oversight from Congress or the President. It will be under the control of Rumsfeld and Rumsfeld only. Thank goodness it doesn't really exist, I was starting to get worried.

The only scary thing is that this whole story was broken by Hersh, who has a long track record of being called a liar and then proven absolutely 100% correct. If the Pentagon is already running a secret war under the oversight of non-elected, civilian authorities, then our first battle on the home front against the forces of tyranny has been lost.

Thank goodness this operation doesn't exist. I was starting to worry.


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