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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pundits Galore


It's always a pleasure to find a new commentator worth reading. Unfortunately, the last time that happened was years ago when I discovered Justin Raimondo over at AntiWar.Com. These days, I only run into the likes of Victor Hanson. His newest column, about Immigration and Morality is a strange melange of right-wing "morals" and leftist love of government intervention. I just can't tell what side this guy is on. Or, for that matter, if he realizes that while he pontificates about the need for "multiracialism" versus multiculturalism, he is putting anyone who actually reads his ramblings sound asleep.

In his article he quotes "new reports" suggesting that the illegal immigrant population in the US is nearing 20 million. 20 million?! 10, maybe. But 20? That is 1 illegal immigrant for every 14.76 Americans, based on the U.S. Census homepage. I'm sorry, I just find that hard to swallow.

In all sarcastic honesty, I'd rather be reading Tom Friedman who wrote recently,

Before the war, I said of Iraq, "We break it, we own it." Today, my motto is, "If they own it, they'll fix it."

Problem is Tom, Iraq was never ours to buy and sell. What will it take to get this fact through that neo-colonial mind of yours?


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