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Monday, January 10, 2005

T-minus 4 days to touchdown!


We can hope anyway. Aside from some far-fetched speculation that Huygens may encounter exotic forms of alien life (why not, right?), the consensus seems to be that scientists just hope the darn thing works. After parachuting down to the surface of Saturn's moon Titan over an extended period of hours, the probe may relay some pictures from the surface of Titan, which, we are assured, is covered with oceans of liquid methane, cragged mountains and barren plains. Perhaps even an alien life form or two! I mean, isn't it about time?

If the photos of Mars recently captured are any indication, this could be an amazing step in humanity's exploration of our solar system. Even better, it is sure to create some imaginative conspiracy theories, of which there seem to be a neverending variety competing for our collective attention these days.

Like someone said, "Believing things that have no proof is evidence that you are regularly being lied to."

As Huygens descends toward its rendevous with Titan, I can only hope that the evidence will effectively silence the nay-sayers, especially those opposed to space exploration. How anyone could be opposed to that, is frankly beyond me. But, I'm listening...


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