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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Yummie, Fluoride!


I've been accused of wearing a tin-foil hat before, and now it seems the trend is spreading! No, I'm not talking about recent elections, confirmation hearings or project HAARP.

I'm talking about fluoridated water.

In my local paper today, there is an editorial article by a physician who is questioning the most recent attempt by the Oregon legislature to introduce fluoride into municipal drinking water.

While the number of people affected by the potential change appears to be small, consider this: "...untreated industrial waste must be disposed of at a licensed hazardous waste facility. But -- are you ready for this? -- it can also be sold to municipalities to fluoridate their drinking water."

That's right campers, the fluoride in your water (if you don't live in Portland) is most likely waste product from industrial fertilizer production. Figure that one out...


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