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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Grapple Anyone?


Yesterday, I had my very first Grapple. Not surprisingly, it will most likely be my last. I never was much of a fan of grape juice, purple popsicles or anything else containing that vile substance that is "that sweet distinctive flavor of Concord grapes." You know, the taste of better living through chemistry?

Well, whatever it is, you can be sure that the idea of a Grapple came from the best of intentions. Someone once said "Evil can only be done where good intentions rule," or something like that. This is a good example. Want kids to eat more fruit? Make the apple smell like a piece of grape candy! Presto!

Better go and and try one yourself. Be sure to enjoy the Grapple aroma first!

No, Grapples don't smell like grapes. But the scent is nonetheless distinctive.


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