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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

1st Amendment (-1), 2nd Amendment (+ 1)


Hillary Clinton, after declaring herself an evangelical Christian has now called for government cooperation in what is usually a Conservative's game -- attacking the 1st Amendment.

WASHINGTON New York Senator Hillary Clinton is calling for greater government and parental scrutiny of media children watch and play, saying kids are suffering from a "silent epidemic" from media sex and violence.

I'm almost old enough to remember when Liberals were known for being champions of civil rights. At least in the case of political expediency, that sort of thing can only get in your way of attracting the oh so critical support of suburban trophy wives concerned with what their babysitter is letting their children watch while they are busy screwing their boss in a public restroom. The Bill of Rights be damned when there are five really critical counties in some future version of Florida (2000) or Ohio (2004), filled with soccer moms, that Hillary will need to win over in 2008. Oh, Hillary.... to the right, to the right, to the right...

Although events occurring in the battle being fought to preserve the 1st Amendment don't leave me with the best feeling in my gut (as John Stewart fades in on the TV in the background), there is some good news on the 2nd Amendment front.

What a shocking surprise -- England virtually bans the private ownership of firearms and *gasp* crime sky rocket!

In case you don't detect the sarcasm, this libertarian is not at all surprised. In fact, I would have bet on this happening. In fact, on the listserv I moderate, I probably have at some point.

In a pattern that's repeated itself in Canada and Australia, violent crime has continued to go up in Great Britain despite a complete ban on handguns, most rifles and many shotguns. The broad ban that went into effect in 1997 was trumpeted by the British government as a cure for violent crime.

Crime rates in England have skyrocketed since the ban was enacted. According to economist John Lott of the American Enterprise Institute, the violent crime rate has risen 69 percent since 1996, with robbery rising 45 percent and murders rising 54 percent. This is even more alarming when you consider that from 1993 to 1997 armed robberies had fallen by 50 percent. Recent information released by the British Home Office shows that trend is continuing.

When do I get to see a picture of Hillary duck hunting?


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