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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Chem Trails Over Kabul?


I have been reading so much about Afghanistan lately that absolutely nothing surprises me. The history of that country is like a lesson in a modified Murphy's Law: whatever can go wrong, does - in Afghanistan.

It was with little wonder, then, that I read this story in Sunday's New York Times. Someone spraying your wheat fields? Blame it on the U.S. military! Afterall, an organization that has a reach anywhere in the world, thanks to "temporary" military occupations of two startegic countries, i.e. Afghanistan and Iraq, has the means and the motive to do so.

An interesting note is that this aerial spraying was actually proposed as a budget line item in December, but was retracted. What you can't pass one way, you send to black-ops, I guess.

To be even more cynical, I venture to guess the U.S. military has nothing to do with this. Maybe it's Britian. The reason I say this is the long suspected connections between Intelligence Services in this country with drug running. It is "economic good sense." If you don't know what I'm talking about try any number of books, from Reefer Madness, to Crossing the Rubicon, for a primer.

In the end, I have no way of knowing where all my tax dollars are going anyway, and so why worry?


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