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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dan Rather’s Goodbye


So Dan Rather has officially retired, and I can say with confidence that I made it through my entire life without ever watching a single broadcast of his (in its entirety). This means I am not qualified to comment on the substance of his body of work. But I have from time to time caught a segment of his, and apart from the quality of the work, which I do not judge here, my chief recollection is the overwhelming sense of displeasure I experienced from hearing him talk. I attribute to his grating linguistic style, one that is common among a number of professionals in the broadcast industry. The worst is Peggy Noonan, but I will leave that for another time.

People more experienced with his commentary have been all over the web, talking up his departure with either nice or nasty comments, but my favorite was from everyone’s favorite anally fixated Washington gossip/news woman Wonkette

“6:42: The tone of his voice is all wrong, I swear. Sllllooooow. The vocal equivalent of putting fingernails into the floorboards as they drag you out.”

That about matches my general impression on the guy.

Besides does any watch network television anymore. Its 22 minutes of souped up controlled dribble. American idol is less staged.


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