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Sunday, March 27, 2005

DHS Planning Scenarios


The Homeland Security Council, along with David Howe, Senior Director for Response and Planning, released in July 2004, a document entitled, Planning Scenarios, Executive Summaries.

The document, which is available for download, states in the Introduction:

The Homeland Security Council (HSC) - in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the federal interagency, and state and local homeland security agencies -- has developed fifteen all-hazards planning scenarios for use in national, federal, state, and local homeland security preparedness activities. These scenarios are design to be the foundational structure for the development of national preparedness standards from which homeland security capabilities can be measured.

The scenarios mentioned in the document include:

  • Nuclear Detonation - 10-Kiloton Improvised Nuclear Device
  • Biological Attack -- Aerosol Anthrax
  • Biological Disease Outbreak -- Pandemic Influenza
  • Biological Attack -- Plague
  • Chemical Attack -- Blister Agent
  • Chemical Attack -- Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Chemical Attack -- Nerve Agent
  • Chemical Attack -- Chlorine Tank Explosion
  • Natural Disaster -- Major Earthquake
  • Natural Disaster -- Major Hurricane
  • Radiological Attack -- Radiological Dispersal Devices
  • Explosives Attack -- Bombing Using Improvised Explosive Device
  • Biological Attack -- Food Contamination
  • Biological Attack -- Foreign Animal Disease
  • Cyber Attack


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