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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Disinformation has a First Name


This is a thought experiment. I read or listened to a series of stories today that have some potentially bizarre connections. Hear me out:

There is a report today showing scientific interest in plate movements and undersea volcanic activity off Vancouver island in British Columbia. Then it gets reported in Rense, which it generally does, with the obvious implication of further HAARP treachery. Just start here if you haven't had the pleasure already.

Completely unrelated story. An Italian journalist, here in her own words, (I assume translated) more than less accuses the U.S. Military of directly targeting journalists. This leads to the obvious conclusion that Rumsfeld is, of course, guilty of even worse crimes.

More: Hunter S. Thompson not only was 'suicided,' he was working on a story that related to a ring of male prostitutes operating with sanction from the White House. Oh, and presumably kidnapped as children.

The final straw was ganglords speaking Aztec operating from prison. I can't even bother to find a link, no pun intended. But a start would be the current administration operating in a criminal manner in plain site.

When the generals are shrouded in veils of secercy,
disinformation quietly tiptoes around the conspiracy.

Much is afoot
that is not good.

You be the judge.


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