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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Faulty Intelligence=Illegal War


A presidential commission set up to look at pre-Iraq War intelligence says that the intelligence on Iraq's weapons production and capability was "dead wrong." So let me see if I get this straight: We invaded Iraq because of its violation of UN Sanctions. Colin Powell went to the UN and talked in great detail about mobile weapons facitities from a source we now know to have been lying. But if all this information was, in fact, wrong, then our entire pretext for the war was false. Now hold on, I know you're thinking you've heard all this before, but let me give you an analogy: A man runs from a bar, followed by another man who grabs the bouncer and says, "That man stole my wallet!" The bouncer grabs the first man, beats him to a pulp, and then while conducting a search, finds no wallet. His defense? Faulty intelligence. It does not excuse the misuse of force. It amazes me that the adminstration is so brazen they will now admit the reason for war was incorrect, while not admitting the conclusion that if there were no weapons, then we cannot even pretend to have had the backing of international law.


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