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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Philly issues


Front page of drudge report is running this article about 21 homicides in the last 7 days in Philly. Thats not good. How is mayor Street dealing with it?

"Now, CBS 3’s Walt Hunter reports that Mayor Street said under certain circumstances he would consider help from the Pennsylvania State Police and even the National Guard.

Street has declared the violence throughout the city a crisis and as a result has ordered the full review of police department policies and has suggested a full moratorium on the issuing of gun permits.

In addition, Street has requested a meeting with Governor Ed Rendell to talk about possible new gun legislation." (emphasis added)

Hmmm... Lets see. Considering the national guard. That usually calms things down. Declaring a crisis, yup sounding like a politition. Ah then to gun control, who would have guessed. I wonder how many of the 21 killers (assuming a one to one ratio) have permits or licenses for their gun. None? Maybe one? I could be wrong, but probably not.

Can someone explain to me how disarming law abiding citizens, you know, the ones who actually apply for permits in the first place, will slow the murder rate. Oh, and in the middle of murder spree no less. If I didn't know better I would think that mayor Street is making a politcal move rathern than actually addressing the situation. Witnesses are terrfied to testify lest they be shot. The police are ineffective because no one trusts them to supply safety. (and who would blame them?)

Best solution from Philly pols - send a loud and clear message to the gunmen "Keep shooting! I will make sure all of your victims are disarmed to boot."

Guns in the hands of ordinary citizens may not be the only answer, in fact it is a feeble one at best, but it certainly beats forciably disarming them.


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