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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Potter sticks it to the Man


Most days, I love this town. Other times, the traffic gets to me. What are you going to do?

But yesterday, hearing about Mayor Tom Potter's JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) resolution, I remembered why I love this town.

Enough sentiment.

I had a chance to meet Potter on numerous occasions during his run for mayor. He is an ex-police chief, retired 10 years from that post, and the race was dirty in the end. What else is new? Point is, when he entered the race he had a stunt - he would not accept contributions of more than $50, from anyone. This got him the backing of nearly every person under 28. Which in Portland, IS a mandate. He was a huge underdog in a primary with lots of other runners, including this character, whom I will not pretend to flatter.

So, Potter wins in the primary election. This meant he had a run off with #2, a well-financed gentleman named Jim Francesconi. Potter upped his limit to $100, as I recall. After early polls showed Potter had it in the bag Francesconi got real nasty, running attack ads on Air America (which was a horrible idea) and posting dubious information on shoddy websites. Potter kicked his ass in the election in November. That was one of the very few good things about that election. Since then he has riden in critical mass and continued to make himself accesible.

I had turned up at a meet the candidate forum early in his run, before the primary. No one there but me. Seriously. It was wierd. We were just standing there. I had a beer. I don't think he did. I asked him what I thought were hard ass quetions. Questions like - The cops just shot an unarmed black man multiple times and tazed his dead body for over 3 MINUTES. The first thing they did with the body after they shot him was they tested it for drugs. And they found cocaine. Great. My question: why the fuck don't they drug test the fucking cops? His answer: the police union. We had a few conversations like this.

Robert Jordan of the FBI, expressing indignation, has responded to Potter's request: "No other mayor in the country has been granted the top-secret clearance that Potter wants." Well, you're going to have one now.

The Mayor is quoted in his request:

“If our federal partners don’t trust us enough to share this kind of information with us, then we will continue to work with them in any way possible but we won’t use our tax dollars to continue paying for officers on this task force.”

Thanks Tom.


Blogger The One True b!X said...

For those who may be interested, I've assembled into one post links to all of the JTTF reporting Portland Communique has done since December of last year. It includes material not reported by other news outlets.

12:00 AM  

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