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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oregon set to Legalize Hemp


Oregon will try and lead the way with a few other states this week by legalizing industrial hemp production. What are the chances? Pretty good actually. Not hearing much about this, are we?

New Hamshire passed a similar bill in their house apparently. And North Dakota went even further. Oregon will hopefully join the ranks this Friday. Check it out.

There is more to read about the Oregon story here. Seems like a pretty cut and dry issue to me. I'm sure there will be those stating that this will lead to marijuana addiction and children smoking pot and whatever scare tactics some folks can come up with. Really though, the benefits of hemp are well known and it is time to end this unwise and environmentally damaging prohibition.

If you live in Oregon, call your Reps and especially Senators and voice support for Senate Bill 294.


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