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Thursday, May 05, 2005

History and the Ignorant


Ironically enough, a few months back on the listserv we had a rather large discussion about Roosevelt, including discussion about his court packign scheme and the negative effects on his second administraton.

And here we are, a few months into Bush's second administration and his approval ratings are dropping -- his collision course with the judiciary can't be helping him in the eyes of the american public. In the spirit of history never repeating itself, but always rhyming, it is interesting to note that people such as he throughout time are often undone by their own ignorance of history.

I noted during the time of the discussion that Roosevelt's court packing scheme was an assault on the constitution and the separation of powers between the executive branch and the judiciary. Instead of trying to strong arm keepers of the law in order to remake society into a vision of early 20th century socialism and liberalism (a la roosevelt), we now have a person in power trying to strong arm the judiciary into remaking society in a vision of early 21st century christian dominionism and neo-conservatism.

And like Roosevelt, Bush is arrogant and ignorant of history. We may now be witnessing the high water mark of Bush's power and influence over the federal government. The present assault on the judiciary and an over-extended majority, threatened by a nationalist "close the borders" wing of the Republican party that could split the party, may very well be the undoing of neo-conservatism.

Hope for a contentious Republican primary in 2007, or maybe a third party run by a member of the paleo-right, and maybe you'll all get a fiscially conservative Democrat in the White House in 2008.


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