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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yet another Wall


The Walling of America has begun. What will you do when they ask for your DNA? You have about 18 months to think about it. Thats my guess.

The Border Patrol's plan calls for creation of an
impregnable no-man's land of three fences, two access
roads for official use and an array of floodlights and
sophisticated surveillance equipment. Nine miles have
already been completed, but the initiative was
suspended in February 2004 by a ruling from the
California Coastal Commission, which found that, as
designed, the western portion would cause avoidable
damage to the environment.

Proponents of the triple fence have fought back by way
of a provision in the "Real ID Act," a bill from
Wisconsin Republican James Sensenbrenner that would
effectively ban undocumented immigrants from obtaining
drivers licenses, which was approved in February by
the House of Representatives.

Who are some of these proponents?

Immigration split

At a gathering on Capitol Hill this week, dozens of
people wearing "Real ID" buttons cheered as several
Republican congressmen criticized the president's
plan, which they say would amount to rewarding
lawbreakers. "It's amnesty lite," Rep. J.D. Hayworth,
R-Ariz., said.

Among the speakers at the event were leaders of the
Minutemen, an Arizona citizens group that has been
conducting armed patrols to stop illegal immigration
at the state's border with Mexico.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., demanded that Bush
apologize for calling the group's members

You do realize these lunatics are SUPPORTING the REAL ID act, yes? When will even the most truculent Republicans understand the vain nature of their quest: You cannot stem the flow of people. They are ANIMALS. They will go where they want. Conservatives are always worse in thier hypocrisy than the opposition. Their need for ultimate authoritative central power is ENDLESS. That's just how it is. And still they will build their wall. Oh, it just gets better, friends...

In addition to tightening restrictions on acquiring
driver's licenses, Real ID also would create more
obstacles for immigrants seeking asylum and give
Department of Homeland Security Secretary
Michael Chertoff unprecedented authority to
supersede environmental laws in completing a
three-mile stretch of fence at the Mexican border
with San Diego. Critics of the measure say Chertoff
may be able to exert that new authority at other
border spots as well.


The Senate approved the measure Tuesday evening
on a 100-0 vote. The House of Representatives
approved the measure last week.

They are so in the doghouse in my book. For what it's worth. I could be meaner. No one wants to read that. Organize.

If you want to read the crap for yourself start with a search for HR 418. I dont know if it is the same version on GWB's desk right now or not. But whatever is on his desk, we need to realize one thing - we have just been sold down the river. And there is a hurricane a-coming.


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